Balanced Life Magazine Articles

May 2013

Peaceful Parenting
Question Everything! The Benefits of Inquiry
by Amy Edwards

Humanity is in the midst of an awakening process. We are discovering that our thoughts are powerful and our capacity to create a life of either satisfaction or suffering lies in our ability to identify our unconscious thoughts and belief systems, bring them into present-time awareness, and question their validity. The desire to become more conscious, in every aspect of our lives, is becoming imperative.
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Reconnective Healing Gains Global Momentum after New Study
by Jackie Lapin

A breakthrough new study by researchers at the University of Arizona has shown definitively that people who have range of motion limitations in their arms and shoulders show a significantly greater level of healing and pain reduction with a 10-minute one-time session of Reconnective Healing® than when treated with physical therapy.
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Nine Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments
That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

by Pam Grout

If you've read The Secret or been in metaphysical, spiritual circles for any time at all, you already know your thoughts create your reality, that there's a power in the universe that can heal, and that you and you alone design your own life. Unfortunately, there's still this tiny little problem, this one itty-bitty catch.
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